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Fixed bearings with compact slider (T-rails)

Fixed bearings with compact slider (T-rails)

Fixed bearing rails are used for the main load bearing in radial and axial forces.

X-Rail is the product family of roller embossed guide rails for applications in which an especially economical price/performance ratio and high corrosion resistance are required. X-Rail consists of three product series: fixed bearing rails, compensating bearing rails and telescopic extension on roller base. All products are available in stainless steel or zinc-plated steel. There are three different sizes of guide rails. The sliders for the guide rails are available in different versions.

The most important characteristics:

■ Corrosion resistant, FDA/USDA compliant materials
■ Compensates for deviations in mounting structure parallelism
■ Not sensitive to dirt due to internal tracks
■ Wide temperature range of application
■ Easy adjustment of sliders on the guide rails

Preferred areas of application of the X-Rail product family:

■ Construction and machine technology (e.g., safety doors, washing bay accessories)
■ Medical technology (e.g., hospital accessories, medical equipment)
■ Transport (e.g., rail transport, naval, automotive industry)
■ Food and beverage industry (e.g., packaging, food processing)
■ Building technology
■ Energy technology (e.g., industrial furnaces, boilers)