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ALUX Guide rail

ALUX Guide rail

Our aluminum rail guide (recirculating ball bearing guide) was developed as a complement to the many profile rail guides to meet the high demands of the linear movement and the lightweight low cost. Attractive due to their low weight and good protection against corrosion.

The guides have ALUX DIN 645 (PART 1) the same mounting dimensions as other rail guides which facilitates their conversion into existing building. Its compact and lightweight design compared to steel guides octoit him a weight gain of 60%.

Aluminium guides rails are used in applications where the price, weight and rust resistance are an important criteria. The aluminum profile rails are made of high quality aluminum alloy with raceways rolled stainless steel manufactured and accurately calibrated (Niro).

These rails can also be used in corrosive environments and are top quality. Rails and guides are available in sizes 15, 20 and 25.

We also have the appropriate accessories such as seal unit, lubrication nippel and manual locking.