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HW-TEC Produkte

Special slides and accessories

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Individual damper system
- adaptable - upgradeable - silent move (low noise) - simple, universal and reliable 
Linear motion friction guide DFG115
• Once loaded onto the track and the pins removed, the guide automatically adjusts the friction elements to produce a small preload • Lightweight aluminium track, lengths 1m and 2m with pre-drilled fixing holes • Ultra-low wear • No lubrication required: maintenance free • Resistant to dirt and dust • Suitable for harsh environments • Vibration resistant and quiet operation • Corrosion resistant and suitable for high pressure wash down • Ex-stock availability  
Damper mechanism DP0116-ECRC
• Damper mechanism for DA0116RC • Cushions and damps the last 40mm of travel • Use with recycling bracket or with door mounting kit • Replaces end stops  
Linearguide DS0116-BRKTRC sliding doors
• Mounting kit for top hung sliding doors • Use with DA0116RC track and recirculating ball carriages • Maximum door weight 360kg • For door thicknesses up to 58mm • Corrosion resistant: suitable for exterior use with suitable protection • Wall/side mounted • Free running: typically 20N to move 180 kg door • Aluminium fascia and end caps with anodised finish • Customer cuts track, beam and fascia to required length • Optional damper to decelerate door  
• Locking handle kit • Suitable for drawers up to 1,5m wide • Centrally located push-button lock mechanism • Two button push force options: DBHAND = 120 N- DBHANL = 60 N • Two locking options : Front mounted unit - lock-in only - Rear mounted unit - lock-in and lock-out • Corrosion resistant • Light weight and easy to install • Suitable for use with slides of 17,5mm thickness and above 
Slide and tilt system DA4190
DA4190 Kippsystem
• Slide and tilt system • Gives access to drawer contents at and above shoulder height • Angle of tilt is preset by installer • Load rating up to 65kg* • Aluminium track in two lengths • The bumper wheels dampen and smooth out the movement, even when fully loaded • Fully adjustable from the front and with the drawer in place • Corrosion resistant • Can be used with the locking handle kit, DBHAND