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Ball bearing linear motion slide

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ALUX Guide rail
Our aluminum rail guide (recirculating ball bearing guide) was developed as a complement to the many profile rail guides to meet the high demands of the linear movement and the lightweight low cost. Attractive due to their low weight and good protection against corrosion.  
Linearführung DA0116RC
• Linear motion guide and recirculating ball carriage • Load rating up to 360kg • Aluminium track, lengths 2.4m and 3.6m • Customer cuts track to required length and drills mounting holes • Carriages sold separately:: - stainless steel balls - polymer balls: quiet movement • End stops sold separately • Corrosion resistant • Optional damper with recycling bracket • Optional door mounting kit DAMPER MECHANISM FOR DP0116-ECRC • Damper mechanism for DA0116RC • Cushions and damps the last 40mm of travel • Use with recycling bracket or with door mounting kit • Replaces end stops MOUNTINGKIT FOR SLIDING DOORS DS0116-BRKTRC • Mounting kit for top hung sliding doors • Use with DA0116RC track and recirculating ball carriages • Maximum door weight 360kg • For door thicknesses up to 58mm •Corrosion resistant: suitable for exterior use with suitable protection • Wall/side mounted • Free running: typically 20N to move 180 kg door • Aluminium fascia and end caps with anodised finish • Customer cuts track, beam and fascia to required length • Optional damper to decelerate door  
Linear motion slide DZ0115RS
• Load rating up to 60kg • Retainer synchronization • Precise linear motion through the full travel • Moving member fully supported on ball bearings at all times • Slides sold singly 
Linear motion slide DZ1312
• Load rating up to 60kg • Linear motion • Slide thickness 11.1mm • Hold-out at one end • Sold in pairs • Vertical or horizontal mounting 
DZ2415 Linear motion slides
• Load Rating up to18,5kg • Linear motion • 8mm slide thickness • Sold in pairs • Vertical or horizontal mounting 
• Linear motion guide and recirculating ball carriage • Load rating up to 30kg • Stainless steel track 1.2m • Carriages sold separately: - stainless steel balls - polymer balls: grease free • Corrosion resistant • End stops sold separately