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Special telescopic slides

Ball bearing drawer slides for any application from Accuride

There are so many areas where you could find Accuride’s ball bearing drawer slides that it is difficult to list them all online.

Just because we don’t have a dedicated page for your industry does not mean that we won’t be able to help with your access, movement or positioning application.

Here are some more drawer slide applications that we hope you will find interesting.

  • Electronic magnifier for the visually impaired
  • Coffin shelf
  • Horse box accessories
  • Airport boarding card reader
  • Caravan storage unit
  • Sandwich counter
  • Custom designed ball bearing slides

Our aim is to be responsive rather than reactive. Accuride's custom design ball bearing slide solutions come from an understanding of our customers' needs.

We have the full capability to complete each project from design right through the manufacture and assembly processes to warehousing and logistics.


Industrial drawer slides: reliable performance in difficult environments

Accuride's industrial drawer slides have an exceptional international reputation for quality and reliability. This has been built up from nearly half a century of designing and manufacturing positioning and access solutions for a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

Our vast range of off-the-shelf industrial drawer slides offers a quick and easy means of addressing positioning and access problems. What’s more, using our Europe-wide network of distributors, we can deliver the products you need - rapidly and efficiently - and also provide you with local support to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.

Bespoke industrial drawer slides

In addition to our Quick Ship stock lines, we also design and manufacture bespoke industrial drawer slides for specific applications. Working in close co-operation with our clients, we deliver tailor-made slides to their exact specifications.

Our industrial heavy duty drawer slides are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and consistently deliver tried and tested performance levels.

These include:

  • Tool storage in mobile and static storage units
  • Vending/cash handling equipment
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Wind turbines
  • Industrial plant and equipment
  • Warehousing
  • Medical equipment

We have stringent testing procedures in place that are designed to reflect the working environment in which our industrial drawer slides are likely to be used. We routinely subject our slides to corrosion, load weight, slam open and close and duration tests, to ensure continued dynamic performance in even the most difficult of environments.

Industrial drawer slides: a wide range of features

We can offer a wide range of features and technologies to aid with all kinds of movement and access problems, including:

  • Two-way travel, 3/4 extension, over travel or full extension slides, depending on the level of access required
  • A disconnect mechanism, allowing the drawer or chassis to be removed from the case or rack
  • Locks, which secure the telescopic slide in a selected position
  • Dampened closing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • A variety of fixing options such as brackets or bayonets

Whether you need full extension slides for industrial plant equipment or more compact designs to maximise space efficiency, our industrial drawer slides will provide you with the ultimate solution.


Heavy duty slides: top performance at high load weights

Accuride's heavy duty slides are designed to deliver sustained and reliable performance and give the top performance needed in transport applications.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf heavy duty slides with an attractive range of features, providing sophisticated solutions to all kinds of movement and access applications.

Some typical uses for our heavy duty drawer slides include access in trains, trucks, ships and boats to:

  • Vehicle batteries
  • Emergency vehicle equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Luggage compartments

In applications where load weight is critical, we can provide extension slides that take the strain effortlessly - even at full extension.

Heavy duty slides from stock or bespoke for specialist applications

Our Quick Ship catalogue features a number of different heavy-duty slide designs to give you a wider range of choice when it comes to addressing the requirements of your application.

In addition to our stock heavy duty slide range, we can also provide bespoke heavy-duty slides for all kinds of high weight load applications.

As movement and access specialists, we work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions that perform flawlessly even under the most testing conditions.

We can incorporate a number of special features into our heavy duty telescopic slides, depending on the nature of your application, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lock out and lock in
  • Bracket mounting options
  • Slide and tilt drawer rails
  • Shock blocks to absorb shocks and vibration
  • 100%+ extension

You can be assured that whatever the specific nature of your application, we can use our heavy duty slide design and manufacturing expertise to work with you and provide a solution that meets your needs exactly.


Accuride stainless steel slides for harsh environments

Accuride’s standard steel stock slides and custom designed extension slides can often give all the functionality required for medical applications.

But sometimes the harsh environments involved - sometimes the need to wash down or for areas where chemicals could be used – need components that will cope and continue to work well.

We have stock stainless steel slides covering part and full extension as well as loads from 15kg and upwards as well as the ability to design and make bespoke slides just for you.

A full stainless steel solution is not always necessary. The DH3832 is a zinc plated slide with a special corrosion resistant coating plus stainless steel retainer, balls and rivets. This provides 8 times the resistance of our normal zinc finish on an industry-standard product. This is a stock slide, but talk to us about other slide options.

Go to the case study section to read how Accuride slides can add functionality to your medical and laboratory applications.

Aluminium slides for reduced weight

Sometimes weight is an important factor in choosing a drawer slide.

Accuride has developed a range of aluminium slides for loads between 50kg and 600kg. The use of stainless steel ball bearings and retainer make these slides corrosion resistant.

Accuride’s range of corrosion resistant drawer slides also give access and positioning in the following environments:

  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Wash-down areas
  • Food preparation
  • Chemical storage
  • Horticulture
  • Garages
  • Locker rooms
  • Marine applications

Industrial storage

Maximising access with full extension slides

With a full extension slide, the slide opens equal to the length of the slide. Some extension slides also have over-travel, meaning that they will open more than the length of the slide.

This increased travel allows for a greater range of movement in the application, facilitating access in applications such as:

  • General storage drawers
  • Tool boxes
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Medical cabinets
  • IT enclosures
  • Stillages
  • Warehousing

Our full extension drawer runners can also incorporate further useful features, such as lock in and lock out, front disconnect, anti-corrosion treatment - and a variety of fixing options for added convenience and utility.

Available from our off-the-shelf stock collection, in load ratings covering everything from very heavy-duty industrial usage to compact and lightweight designs for more modest applications, our full extension slide range uses top-quality materials and components to give you performance you can trust.

Manufacturing full extension slides

We go to great lengths in our full extension slide manufacturing process to ensure that the highest standards of engineering are adhered to throughout each stage. In addition, we also strive to minimise the ecological impact of our production processes.

To this end, we have instituted a range of energy reduction, waste treatment and water-usage practices, to make certain that our plants have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Also, all our slides and components are RoHS compliant, reducing exposure to hazardous substances throughout the entire product chain.

General electronics

Electronic enclosure and server rack slides

Accuride's electronic enclosure slides give access to keyboards, data storage racks, pull-out shelves, servers and sub-systems.

Navigating the obstacle course to successful electronic enclosure integration is an area where Accuride excels. Not only has our expert team developed products specifically designed for enclosure applications, we have developed a manual to assist in the complex process of integrating slides into enclosures.

From super-low profiles and narrow cross sections, to patented reinsertion designs, Accuride slides will accommodate chassis from 1 to 8Us and up to 100kg.

Keyboard drawer applications for the server and data storage industry are solved using Accuride’s stock keyboard slides, keyboard trays or articulating keyboard arms and trays.

Mounting brackets for enclosure slides

To simplify the selection process, we have bundled together the front and rear brackets plus the required fixings into single packs.

Cable carriers can be bought separately.

Vending & cash handling

Linear guides and ball bearing slides for vending machines

For ATMs, cash drawers, vending and ticket machines, Accuride’s linear guides and telescopic slides prove reliable and robust.

Our linear guides and slides give smooth access for maintenance and repair for the vending industry, for example, dispensing equipment, coin bins and food trays. Accuride can supply off the shelf slides or we can design and engineer custom slide solutions.

Ball bearing slides for vending applications

  • Food and drink dispensing equipment
  • ATM machines
  • Money handling and dispensing equipment
  • Cash drawers
  • Pass-through trays
  • Ticket machines
  • Gaming machines

Using linear slides for access and movement for vending equipment

Using ball bearing slides upright can cause problems since balls may migrate, causing binding of the movement. These vertical applications in vending machines can be overcome using linear guides with a recirculating ball carriage.

  • Vertical slide designs
  • Off-the-shelf solutions, including very short slides
  • Custom design options
  • Fixing options, including bayonets and brackets

Emergency services vehicles

Accuride designs and manufactures access and movement systems for the fire and rescue vehicle industry

More and more equipment is being stored on board and this equipment needs to be held safely during deployment of the vehicle and be fully and quickly accessible at the scene.

  • A range of slides for equipment drawers
  • Slide and tilt systems for easy access to high storage with advanced easy access to all adjustment / locking positions
  • Locking handles that can accommodate front and rear locking mechanisms and are supplied in an easy to install modular format
  • Off-the shelf solutions
  • Customised systems

Our engineering group have been working in partnership with major OEMs within the industry to put together a range of products to meet the modern demands of the 21st century Blue Light Sector. We control every aspect of the development & design; we have provided working sample prototypes and all tooling costs have been absorbed by Accuride.

Our stringent testing conforms to various British Standards and full test reports are available. We can even provide tailored test reports to specific customer criteria that will meet and exceed the expectations within Firebuy.


Accuride is a development partner and Tier 2 supplier of automotive sliding systems – and our proven sliding systems, based on ball bearing slide technology, are now built into millions of cars.

The sliding technology has been developed through our deep understanding of how ball bearing slides work. We have taken that knowledge to develop innovative sliding systems for the automotive sector. They deliver many benefits, including:

  • Driver and passenger comfort
  • Optimum space utilisation
  • Efficient storage

We work closely with car manufacturers and interior suppliers, as well as with design and engineering specialists, to develop unique features for car interiors that meet with the stringent quality requirements of both the manufacturers and drivers.

Sliding systems: applications in automotive interiors

For more information on how Accuride can design sliding systems for the automotive industry follow the links for technical details on specific applications.

  • Sliding armrests
  • Under seat storage
  • Seat adjustment
  • Loading platforms and other storage solutions

Accuride's automotive design group

Accuride's automotive engineers don't just react to customers' requests. They also spend time looking at market trends and on product research and development to generate a constant flow of ideas. Accuride's dedicated automotive engineering group is constantly working on new ideas and innovations.